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Bob was known for his in-depth knowledge and advanced skill set in the quality control of residential appraisals. The reviews that came back had a deep level of analysis that supported his facts and findings contained in the review. He was the best of the best when it came to providing reviews incorporating valuation tools and analytics. I would highly recommend Bob when it comes to appraisal quality and control and/or fraud investigations.

Tom Munizzo

Chief Appraiser Accurity Valuation & Supervisory Consultant, Accurity Qualified Analytics

For over thirty-five years I have known Bob to be a dedicated Lehigh Valley appraiser to whom I have referred many clients in need of fair reliable real property value opinions. My trust has extended to inviting him to participate with me in many of my own complex value assignments. Opinions ultimately exist in the ether, but even ether is tied and based in factual reality. Bob knows how to tie that connection. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking an unbiased answer to the seemingly simple question, “What’s it worth?”

Raymond C. Geiger, Jr.

Pennsylvania Certified General Appraiser

GA-000007-L, Ray C. Geiger Real Estate

Bob was an excellent addition to our Valuation Quality Control Group. His knowledge was top shelf. This along with his insight and experience made him invaluable.

Kevin Golden

Director of Analytics, FNC

I felt the Lehigh County Office of Assessment’s (LCOA) 2013 Assessed Value for my home was too high. The 2013 assessed value would have raised my taxes by over 11%. I contacted Bob Premecz to conduct a formal appraisal of my property. Bob gathered appraisal data from my home and then using his experience Bob created a formal report documenting what my property’s 2012 value is and showing that LCOA’s appraised value was high. I submitted a copy of Bob’s report to the LCOA. Based on Bob’s work the LCOA reduced my properties 2013 assessed value so that my 2013 taxes will be about 4% less than my 2012 tax amount.

Bob Davies

Emmaus, PA